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This is  one of the most detailed and annotated documentaries ever produced on the Tabernacle in the Wilderness - called the "Mystery of the Tabernacle"  by respected biblical scholar - Dr. K. Daniel Fried. The Bible will come alive like never before. One has remarked that this 50 min. Video gives you more on the Biblical Tabernacle than a two year College course. It is packed with remarkable teachings that are rarely discussed or even taught by other tabernacle scholars.

As the back cover declares "Mystery has surrounded the Tabernacle for millennia. What was it like, and what was it for? We cannot see, touch or even experience the physical Tabernacle, however this ancient Jewish structure still speaks and teaches today. Discover for yourself the prophecy of the foretold Messiah revealed in this extraordinary documentary of the Tabernacle. God's picture of Salvation."

Along with the DVD is included a specially made label pin, with both the US and Israeli flags side by side and inscribed below the word "We Stand with Israel"   You don't want to miss this great opportunity to not only help HIBM but also show your support for the Nation of Israel. This special DVD also includes special bonus features along with a dramatic testimony of Hebrew Christian Theologian -  Dr. K. Daniel Fried.


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