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PROPHECY EDITION NEW-COVENANT (New-Testament) Hebrew/English (King James Version)  The Hebrew text was translated in 1877 from the Textus Receptus ( Received Text )  by Christian Hebraist Scholar Franz Delitzsch.

Hope of Israel Publications a division of Hope of Israel Baptist Mission ( HIBM ), publishes this beautiful special edition New-Testament. It makes an awesome gift. In fact it has been said "it is the most beautiful New-Testament" ever printed. Thousands of God's Chosen People have come to know their true Messiah as a result of reading this Prophecy edition. **Your donation will help us reprint and distribute these extremely effective New-Covenants around the world.

Some have called this the "Tribulation Bible", because, after the Church has been raptured, 100's of thousands of these New-Covenants will be left behind for the 144,000 zealots (Jewish Evangelist) to use in reaching the Apple of God's Eye. While Revelation chp 12 verse 17 declares that those who had fled into the wilderness ( most believe into "Petra" ) will have the Word of the testimony of Jesus Christ. It is exciting to think of the strong possibility that these New-Covenants will end up in Petra. What is more exciting is that as a result of the the Jewish Remnant reading the New-Covenant they will gladly receive their Messiah the Lord Jesus Christ when He appears to them and all Israel shall be saved in one day.

You can have a part in helping us print thousands more, and be able to reach every Jewish person with the Good News of their Messiah.

This extraordinary edition contains Isaiah 53, Messianic Prophecies, Cross References to the Old-Testament (Tanach) throughout the New-Testament text, Rabbinical teachings in favor of a "Suffering Messiah" cross referenced to such Messianic texts, a comprehensive teaching of Daniel's chp 9 timetable of the Messiah's 1st coming, along with a very clear presentation of the gospel with a loving invitation to our Jewish friends for salvation. The English text is the time honoring and preserved King James Bible (New-Testament), and the Hebrew text is based on the preserved Textus Receptus (Recevied Text). In fact, this is the only Bi-lingual New-Covenant of its kind in the world.




**Though these NT's are distributed free to Jewish people throughout our outreaches - you are making it possible for us to print more so we can continue offering them free of charge to God's Chosen people. They are offered free to Jewish people as the Lord provides.

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