"Can You Count The Stars" - Harp music on CD by Naomi Fried


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Album Notes

"Can You Count The Stars" - Harp music on CD by Naomi Fried


"Can you count the stars" is a collection of well known hymns and Jewish tunes played solo on the Harp. Naomi Fried is a specially talented harpist who has been playing harp since she was 4 years old. She has played in hundreds of churches and special meetings around the country, encouraging God's people to worship Him in the Spirit of truth. Her playing Jewish tunes has helped the churches to love Israel and the Jewish people even more. Her special skills have brought out the music with the harp in a very beautiful and heavenly way. Her harp playing will bring you heavenly thoughts while manifesting the love of God. The music will bless your whole family. This sacred music will be a help to all who listen. Naomi always gives God the glory for her special musical talents.

This CD makes a wonderful gift for your Jewish friends.

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Can You Count the Stars?
by Naomi Fried
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