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15oz Ceramic Coffee Mug, Dishwasher and Microwave Safe


The main registered trademark and logo for HIBM is based on the Bible verse in Zechariah 2:8  “… for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye”.  Therefore our logo is very unique in that the Star of David with the blue and white colors (symbolic of biblical Israel) are painted on a real apple (figurative  of the central and most sharpest focal point of  God’s eye) referred to as the “fovea  centralis”, it is the center of the eye’s sharpest vision and the location of most color perception in the retina.

Though this verse is a warning against those who would harm Israel, it also demonstrates how near Israel is to the heart of God and how sensitive the Lord is regarding the Jewish people as a Nation.

In further study of the root meaning of the word “toucheth” in the Tanach (Old-Testament) we find this word is used mostly in a negative sense or regarding prohibitive commands of God. In the New-Testament we find the word “touch” mostly in a positive way like a healing touch. We therefore have a two fold ministry to Israel:

1. To protect her well-being in the face of her enemies  and educate the world to the special covenant relationship Israel has with God;

2. To awaken the Jewish people to the  redeeming   power of God’s forgiveness through the shed blood of her Messiah – Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua ha’ Mashiach) to touch them with the gentleness, grace, and mercy of God’s salvation.

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